About the founder and creator Stefaans Blaauw

Vleisland Meat & Spice was founded in the heart of namibia.

The BOER was and is today a very special people in the world, and certainly the youngest nation, with its own Traditional Music, Traditional Foods and a new language and a very unique style of Life.

Since arriving in Africa, in the 1600s the BOER just builds itself a NAME unique and very different to all the peoples of the world, they had a reputation as the most fearless warriors, the most fearsome farmers, developers this nation have developed their own way of cooking because of their circumstances …

Stefaans Blaauw grew up as a “Road maker’s” child, who again made up a very special group of people or society. It is THIS GROUP people were gone from home weeks and even months, building roads in the country. They live in Caravans and shacks along the “road” lived in their Roadside Camps, where the iron pot, the ant hill oven and the grill has prepared the most foods.